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Current Vendors

This is a list of vendors who participate at the market during the year. To find out which vendors are at the market on a given week read the Grapevine, our email newsletter. You can find the newsletter archive here (link).

Interested in becoming a vendor? Go to the bottom of this page to find out more.

prospective vendor Inquiry

Thank you for your interest in selling at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market!

Please fill out the prospective vendor form below. Inquiries are kept on file and will be used when seeking new vendors. Please fill out the form as completely as possible. Products must be grown, raised, produced or created in Oregon or Washington. The product must be made by you or someone under your direct supervision. (A food product made by a co-packer using your recipe is acceptable.) You must also register as a vendor on Manage My Market, the online market application software used by most markets in the Portland Area. Registration is free.

The Market will not accept applications for the following:

  • Books and other printed material

  • Souvenirs, gift items, and greeting cards

  • Cosmetics and personal care items

  • Home and garden knickknack

  • Wine, spirits, and beer

  • Any food product made with cannabis

  • Resellers

The Hillsdale Farmers' Market holds two holiday markets in December. Decorative crafts and jewelry will be considered but please note that space is extremely limited.

Prospective Vendor Inquiry

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