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Ayers Creek Farm Newsletter August 17 2014

Sarah West

What has become a tedious annual event, the staff writer is in a bit of a funk. Management has to jump in and remind you all that, despite the temperamental scrivener, the principals will be their usual cheerful selves at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market this Sunday. The bell will ring at 10:00 AM.

We will have Astianas in good supply. This is the finest culinary tomato we have found and we produce the seed here on the farm. Fresh or canned, the sauce made from these tomatoes is worth the effort. If you buy more than 20 pounds, the price is $1.75/pound, so you get a fabulous sauce tomato at a great price for certified organic tomatoes. We will have them for the next three weeks or so.

We will also have green gages and possibly some of the 'Grape with No Name.' Unfortunately, the staff writer picks the grapes so we will have to pull him out of his funk.

We will have Chesters, onions, garlics, frikeh, popcorn, favas, cucumbers, Amish Butter cornmeal and a smattering of preserves.

We will see you all Sunday,

The Management
Ayers Creek Farm