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Snow-maggedon 2014

Sarah West

 Happy February from Deep Roots Snow Farm!
I hope you made it out of the recent storm unscathed. We weren’t so fortunate, but this certainly could have been worse, and we are, as ever, thankful we have each other and the support of our wonderful friends.

Any hoo, I thought you’d enjoy a few pictures.
Strawberries are under there somewhere:

This last storm dumped more snow than we have seen (in the valley) since we’ve been farming (16 years). After two full days of desperate snow blowing and snow whacking, and various other snow removal techniques, our greenhouses began to collapse under the weight of 18+ inches of snow. So, we resorted to drastic measures and began to cut the plastic off the frames.

The far end of this greenhouse is on the ground. Here’s a closer view:

And those we couldn’t get to in time look a little more like this:

The greenhouse next door houses Kaia’s chickens. As you can tell, they received a lot more of our attention, and remained safe and warm.

In all, I think we lost 16 greenhouses, give or take—3 are completely flat, 2 have partially collapsed, and the others are de-skinned.

So, now we rebuild. This year’s going to be different, that’s for sure. Any veggies we had growing before this storm have yet to decide if they will pull through, so we are not sure if we will have much to offer for the early spring markets. We still plan on attending the Hillsdale Market on March 2nd to sell, at the very least, Kaia’s Lovely Eggs.
I hope to see you there!