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Kookoolan Farms Specials for September 9th Market

Sarah West

We have two special items this weekend at the market:

We have a very limited number of pasture-raised, soy-free, corn-free, guaranteed gmo-free meat chickens this weekend (fresh, whole carcasses), $5.39/lb. People who are very sensitive to corn and soy to the extent that they cannot even eat the flesh of animals that have eaten corn and soy; some people with estrogen-seeking cancers who are therefore looking to avoid all soy in their diet; or people very specifically wanting to avoid having Big Agriculture get any of their food dollars, may be interested in this alternative chicken meat product.

Due to an overshipment of day-old chicks several weeks ago, we have a surfeit of finished meat chickens this weekend, making this the ideal weekend to stock up. These chickens were killed at ten weeks of age, meaning they have spent a full five weeks on the pasture, the most of any of our chickens all year. The pasture quality is ideal at this time of year, with many of our neighbors putting up hay right now. Although I don't have any lab numbers to back up the claim, these are certainly our highest-Omega-3, highest-CLA chickens of the year. They are large: 5.5 to 7 pounds each; the large chickens truly have the best eating attributes, with well-developed, firm flesh (not tough, but "al dente" -- our chickens do not get shreddy and mushy like industrially raised chickens do!). We have a stocking-up special of $3.67/lb in four-packs. We will NOT have the stocking-up special available in two weeks, and then will have it again in October. The season for our pasture-raised chickens is over at the end of October. The November 4th market is the last chance to buy our chickens until April 2013. If folks want to have our chickens over the winter, the only place to get them is out of your own freezer!