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Kookoolan Farms June 3 2012 Market Newsletter

Sarah West



Hillsdale Farmer's Market, Sunday June 3, 10am to 2pm, Farmer Chrissie and Heidi McKay are back at the market with Kookoolan Farms fresh chickens, fresh rabbits, fresh duck, fresh eggs, frozen heirloom-brred, pasture-raised pork available BY THE CUT!  lots of kombucha tea, and a sampling of our cheesemaking supplies.  This may be the last market at which we have rabbits for some time, due to Paulee Restaurant in Dundee opening next weekend and snagging essentially all our rabbits for the rest of the season (they'll also have our ducks, vegetables, kombucha, Vin de Noix, and meads!).  Sunday at the market you can also sign up for cheesemaking classes, and reserve beef, pork, lamb, or your Thanksgiving turkey (only 30 left).  We accept cash, checks, and credit cards at the market!

Our Kombucha Tea is now available several places around town:  Available now at Kookoolan Farms farmstore in Yamhill; at Mainbrew Beer and Homebrew Supply in Hillsboro, Lovejoy Bakery, Pacific Pie Company, The Warehouse, Harvest Fresh Grocery in McMinnville, and Lovely's 50/50.  More retail locations soon!  At our farmstore or at the Hillsdale market, a 22-oz bottle is $4, or case of 12 for $44.  NEW 12-oz bottle coming soon!  Buy Kombucha online, we ship anywhere!

Kookoolan Farms 100% organically-raised vegetables are available for individual families to purchase exclusively through four buying clubs:  Join Know Thy Foods buying club to get all our farm products (except raw milk, and including our organically-raised vegetables!) delivered in southeast Portland!  Connect2Fresh (neighborhood pickups on the west side); Rose City Co-Op (Beaverton), and Late Bloomer Productions (northeast).  Each club has an option for specifying produce from Kookoolan Farms.  Each program is different; for details directly contact the club in your area.

Look for us Sunday at the Hillsdale Farmer's Market!


Again this year, the Hillsdale Farmer's Market is the ONLY farmer's market we do.  Hillsdale is a year-round market that runs every week in the warmest six months of the year, but Kookoolan Farms' market schedule will be EVERY OTHER SUNDAY, May 6 through Nov 18, 2012. 

We will sell out this week.  Read more about what makes our chickens so special!  This week we have to offer:
Kookoolan World Meadery KOMBUCHA, ice-cold, 22-oz bottle $4.  Case of 12 -- $43.20.  Save your empty bottles, we buy them back for $.50 each!
Famous farm-fresh EGGS, $6/dozen.  Sunset loves us!  Read our special offer!
Whole or cut-up RABBITS, about 3 to 4 pounds each, $10.99/lb.  Ridiculously micro-scale agriculture, the total number of rabbits we butchered this week was 18, this may be our last week having rabbits available to individuals for some time.  But look for them on the menu at the new Paulee Restaurant in Dundee!
Pasture-raised Red Wattles heritage breed PORK for sale by the cut!  Frozen.  
Whole or half CHICKENS, $4.59/lb.  This week's chickens are BIG, about 5-1/2 pounds average weight for a whole carcass.  Half chickens are actually our best value because the backbone is removed, and are a great option if you're a smaller household and want something smaller to cook.
Breasts, limited quantity this week, bone-in, skin-on, 2 per package, wing and backbone removed, $5.50/lb
Hindquarters, thigh and drumstick attached, bone-in, skin-on, backbone removed, two per package, $5/lb.
Wings, approx 5-pound bags, $4/lb.
Gizzards, cleaned, $5/lb in one-pound deli containers
Hearts, $3.50/lb in one-pound deli containers
Livers, $3.50/lb in one-pound deli containers
Rabbit hearts and livers, $3.50/lb in one-pound deli containers
We will have very limited availability of soup parts, first come first served, no reservations.  You can buy stock made from our poultry, also buy our eggs and chickens (same price as from us), at Salt Fire and Time in Northwest Portland.

YOU CAN ALSO RESERVE BEEF, PORK, LAMB, OR TURKEY.  Click to read more, or talk with us Sunday.  Fair warning:  our famous Kookoolan Farms free-ranged, pasture-fed, heritage-breed Bourbon Red turkeys for Thanksgiving 2012 are almost sold out -- less than 30 left!  YOU CAN ALSO SIGN UP FOR CHEESEMAKING CLASSES.  

Congratulations to us!  We are very happy to report that on Monday May 14 we were granted a "meat re-seller's license" by the Oregon Department of Agriculture!  This means that in addition to offering our beef, pork and lamb as "custom processed" halves, we are now able to offer meats by the cut.  Our by-the-cut meats are processed at Mount Angel Meats, the only Animal Welfare Approved slaughterhouse on the West Coast!  This terrific operation is a USDA facility, with both carcasses and cuts USDA inspected.  This weekend we will bring 1/2 a Red Wattles pig, processed as individual cuts vacuum-packed and frozen.  Now you can try this wonderful pork without committing to such a large purchase.

Recommended additional reading:  “Righteous Porkchop” by Nicolette Hahn Niman.

See the Pork page of the Kookoolan Farms website.

Interested?  Try our pork!  You can now buy just a package of pork chops or shoulder steaks, or any of several other small cuts.  You really can taste and see the difference.  See you Sunday!

As always, we sincerely thank you for your patronage of our little farm.
Best wishes for your health and see you this weekend!

Chrissie and Koorosh Zaerpoor
Kookoolan Farms
Yamhill, Oregon
May 31, 2012