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Ayers Creek Farm Newsletter December 2 2012

Sarah West

We will set up the stall at Hillsdale this Sunday. Listen for the market bell around 10:00 am.

Briefly, here is what we are bringing to Hillsdale, more or less:

Cornmeal: Roy's Calais Flint and Amish Butter. We will also have some whole kernels of the flint with slack lime available for hominy. We will also have some blue and purple flour corn for hominy as well. Different, but equally delicious and a bit more tender than the flint corn.

Pulses: Dry beans and chick peas. Full complement.  

Cayenne Peppers: whole dried.

Garlic: Near the end, alas.

Horseradish, spuds, black radish, Hamburg parsley, knob celery, yacón, gobo

Winter Squash  

Greens: Cress and rocket, chard. Fennel as well.

Preserves: Still a limited selection. We start making preserves this coming week.

Apples: Ashmead's Kernel and Orleans Reinette.

Carol and Anthony Boutard
Ayers Creek Farm