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Ayers Creek Farm Newsletter January 22 2012

Sarah West

We will be at the Hillsdale Farmers' Market this Sunday, the 22nd of January. The market opens at 10:00 am, and runs until 2:00 pm.

With a couple of deadlines looming and other tasks needing attention, the scribe's pen has been pulled away from the market essay. Better to dig roots and greens than dither about in the office.

Briefly, here is what we will have:

Grains: Frumento (soft red wheat), Jet Barley (naked), Roy's Calais Flint and Amish Butter cornmeal and whole kernels for hominy. We will have pickling lime and instructions on hand if you need them.

Popcorn: Amish Butter.  

Legumes: Chickpeas and beans.

Roots & Tubers: Potatoes, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, parsnips

Winter Squash: Sibley and Musquee, whole or by the slice.

Greens: Chicories, cabbage.

Preserves: Full selection.

We will see you all tomorrow.

Carol and Anthony Boutard
Ayers Creek Farm