Ayers Creek Farm Newsletter November 20 2011 Market
Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 2:30AM
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Hillsdale Farmers' Market will host us this Sunday, starting at 10:00 am.

The staff writer was reassigned to more pressing farm duties this week.

Grains: Frumento (soft red wheat), Roy's Calais Flint cornmeal and whole kernels for hominy. We will have pickling lime and instructions on hand if you need them.

Legumes: Chickpeas and Beans. Once again, the full selection.

Apples: Of leather coat sort, including Ashmead's Kernel and Hudson's Golden Gem. Russets are the most flavorful and complex of the apples, and they improve in storage. The texture is softer than the common sorts and they are very good for cooking. Although they don't conform to modern apple aesthetics, look at any still life from the 19th century or earlier, and you will immediately recognize these russets.

Roots & Tubers: Rutabagas, carrots, spuds, yams, Hamburg parsley, celeriac, parsnips, beets, gobo and horseradish.

The white rutabagas, or Swedes, originated in the fields of Bohemia, so put on some Smetana and enjoy these delicious roots. They are perfect in soups, stews and curries, or roasted with other roots.

Winter Squash: Sibley and Musquee, whole or by the slice.

Garlics & Shallots, Peppers

Greens: Chervil, fenugreek, rocket, cress, kale, collards and escarole.

Preserves: We started preserve making Thursday, and we will have some jars of Blackcap and Raspberry. We will have more available at the 4th of December market, so just pick up what you need until then.

We will see you all tomorrow,

Carol & Anthony Boutard
Ayers Creek Farm

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