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The market sets up in the Rieke Elementary parking lot in Portland, Oregon. Parking is available at both entrances. Fom Capital Highway: enter at Sunset Blvd and turn left into the lot along the Wilson High School track bleachers. From Vermont St: parking is allowed along the north side of Vermont as well as the south end of the Rieke Elementary parking lot.

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Smoking is not permitted in the market or on Portland Public Schools property including the school parking lots.

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Grapevine October 30 2011 Market

It's hard to believe it's the last weekend in October. A few vendors are finishing out their seasons over the next few weeks. Baird Family Orchards will be back one more time this week. Sweet Briar Farms and Salvador Molly's finish up this weekend as well. Kookoolan Farms is at the market this Sunday, November 6th and November 20th. This weekend and next weekend are the last two weeks that Kookoolan Farms will have fresh chicken. Kookoolan Farms and Pine Mountain Ranch are no longer taking reservations for turkey. However, Pine Mountain Ranch will have extra turkeys available, first come, first serve, starting this weekend.

Thank you to all who patiently put up with our debit machine problems last weekend. It's funny how you don't realize how much you rely on something until it's not available. Our processor is pretty sure it knows what caused the problem (six other customers were affected as well) and everything should be working on Sunday. Just in case, bring a checkbook with you so that you can buy your tokens.

See you Sunday,

Eamon Molloy
Market Manager


What's Coming to the Market?

Sun Gold Farm It got pretty cold this week but most crops seem to be fine. There should still be peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, green beans, tomatoes and strawberries this week. Greens like arugula, chard, kale and spinach should be readily available. As for fruit, you should find apples, quince, pears, and grapes.  Check the availability list for details on what vendors expect to have this weekend. The list is updated throughout the weekend.


Baird Family Orchards (last week for the season)
Columbia River Fish
Sweet Briar Farm (last week until May 2012)

Ancient Heritage Dairy (back in January 2012)
Ayers Creek Farm (back Nov 13)
Blossom Vinegars (back Nov 6)
Copper Crown (back next week)
Graceful Blades
Nonna's Noodles (back next week)
Riverwave Foods (back Nov 2)

Cooking Ideas - Roasted Cauliflower Soup

Cauliflower - DeNoble FarmIf you are like me, you find yourself eating and making a lot of soups and stews as it gets colder outside. Here's a pretty easy cauliflower soup recipe. Like many other vegetables, roasting adds a depth of flavor to the cauliflower. Feel free to experiment. Try adding curry powder and some coconut milk for example. Or instead of milk try a few tablespoons of chevre. If you find something you like, leave a us note of Facebook.

Roasted Cauliflower Soup

1 medium cauliflower, broken into florets about 1 inch in size
~ olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
2 cloves garlic, chopped
2 potatoes, diced
1 qt. water
1 Tbsp. cream
~ salt
~ pepper
~ paprika (optional)


  1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. Break the cauliflower into florets about an inch or so in size. Place florets in a large bowl, drizzle with olive oil and toss to coat. and put in an oven proof pan. Roast cauliflower until soft, about 35-40 minutes.

  2. When cauliflower is nearly done, heat some olive oil over medium heat in a large pot. Add the onions and saute until translucent, about 5 minutes. Add garlic, saute another minute then add cauliflower and potatoes. Cover with water. Simmer on medium heat until the potatoes are completely soft, about 20-30 minutes. Use a handheld blender to mix the soup until smooth. If using a food processor or blender, let soup cool for a few minutes and process in batches.

  3. Add cream and season to taste. Serve with a sprinkle of the optional paprika.