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The market sets up in the Rieke Elementary parking lot in Portland, Oregon. Parking is available at both entrances. Fom Capital Highway: enter at Sunset Blvd and turn left into the lot along the Wilson High School track bleachers. From Vermont St: parking is allowed along the north side of Vermont as well as the south end of the Rieke Elementary parking lot.

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Smoking is not permitted in the market or on Portland Public Schools property including the school parking lots.

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November 1 2015 Availability

Autumn has unquestionably arrived, as anyone who shopped at the market last Sunday couldn't help notice. But the moody skies and rain showers aren't all bad; their arrival heralds the return of crisp lettuces, frisee, chicory, and mild arugula for the salad bowl, as well as myriad kales, mustards, spinach, and collard greens for the soup and braising pots.

Now is the best time to stock up on winter squash. Grab a delicata or two for a quick weeknight saute, or roast an acorn or sweet dumpling type, all of which are in their prime eating window this month and next. Pick up a large storage squash to hold over until December or January, when they will taste sweeter and squashier than they do now.

We'll continue to see a wide array of field vegetables, including but not limited to: broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cabbage, leeks, fennel, potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, turnips, and black radish. Apples, pears, persimmons, Asian pears, quince, and cranberries will be plentiful as well. 

You will find farm-fresh fall trimmings at the market this week. Choose something for the front porch or Thanksgiving table in the form of colorful gourds, squash (decorate now, eat later!), and handmade wreaths.


Check the Availability Page for updates throughout the weekend. The page will be updated through Saturday evening. Check our Twitter feed and Facebook Page for Sunday morning updates.

Blossom Vinegars
He Sells These Shells (hazelnut shells for garden mulch)
Eagle Organic Cranberries

Kookoolan Farms

Ayers Creek Farm  (Back Nov 15)
Carman Ranch
Deep Roots Farm (Done for 2015 Season)
DeNoble's Farm Fresh
Happy Harvest Farm (Back Nov 22)
Starvation Alley Farm
Stephens Farm
Wild Oregon 

Ancient Heritage Dairy
Blossom Vinegars
Caldwell Family Farm
Draper Girls Country Farm
Eagle Organic Cranberries 
Fraga Farmstead Creamery
Fressen Artisan Bakery
Gathering Together Farm
Gee Creek Farm
Greenville Farms
Happy Cup Coffee
He Sells These Shells
Herr Family Farm

Kookoolan Farms
Linda Brand Crab
Meadow Harvest
Naked Acres Farm
Obon PDX
Olympia Provisions
Pine Mountain Ranch
Portlandia Granola
Rick Steffen Farm
Salmon Creek Farm
Salvador Molly's
The Smokery
Souper Natural
Springwater Farm
Sun Gold Farm, LLC